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Everything You Need to Know about MM Telcom Global Limited

MM Telecom Global Limited is taking advantage of an opportunity to become a highly distinguished and  recognized industry leader in the                     Telecommunications industry. If there is fascination, better advice play casino online uk. It is the goal of our company to become  established as the leading distributor of wireless communications services.

MM Telcom Global Limited has a good class management team with direct knowledge of the  industry, extensive research experience, and unique administrative skills which has helped to developed mix of services targeting both businesses and consumers. You have to know on the subject of casino spiele kostenlos.  At today’s breakneck pace of business, companies need more ways than ever to keep in touch, and the  easier the better.

MM Telcom Global Limited innovative product and service offerings provide the best advantages to  consumers, including sleek and innovative phone models, text and numeric paging, data capability, no  roaming or landline connection charges, and much more.

MM Telcom Global Limited seeks to work with our community to achieve their future  aspirations. As a member of the communities in which we operate, we strive to make a  positive difference in human development, youth empowerment and employment.

MM Telcom Global Limited is an award-winning Internet Service Provider and Network Operator based in the US. We were established in 1991 to offer a better standard of broadband service nationwide. We’re very proud to give our customers the best possible support, while still offering industry leading prices and outstanding value for money.

Our commitment is to offer all of this without ever outsourcing any of our operation overseas. Creating real careers for people in the US is extremely important to us.


Our Management Team


Michael Marom Founder

Michael Marom immigrated to USA from Israel and formed the MM. Telcom Corp. in 1991 under the laws of New York State. Mr. Marom is the president of the company since its inception.

Engr. Sam E. SundayChairman/Director

Engr. Sam E. Sunday remains excited about the company’s prospects and faith for better means of communication across the globe.

Edward Kramer Turn key Operation

Edward C. Kramer, a principal of Law Offices of Edward C. Kramer, P.C., received his law degree from the Columbia University School of Law in 1976.

Our Happy Clients

Kelly Rogers

I liked working with the tech support team – they definitely know what they are doing when it comes to installation and communication. Now I can enjoy multiple featured programs at any moment.

Kelly Rogers

Cindy Mathers

My grandkids are now completely happy about staying with me because of the great selection of channels! Thank you so much for the professional service and excellent technical support 24/7!

Cindy Mathers

Tina Smith

Having fun at home is easy now due to the variety of streaming services available! You can enjoy multiple features and superb video quality right on your couch. Thank you!

Tina Smith